HDAA’s policy of providing a good value-for-money angling experience for all its members means that we have a wide range of different venues in our portfolio of fisheries. For details of each venue, including any special circumstances which apply, please select from the list on the right.

Notwithstanding the extent and diversity of our fisheries, we are always looking to acquire additional venues, either to purchase or to lease. If you know of any venues (either stillwater or river) which may be available please contact our Fisheries Officer, Derek Pye, on 07811 897 033 or write to us at HDAA, PO Box 188, HULL, HU9 1AN.

Any member who provides information which leads to us purchasing a venue will be eligible for free life membership.

Any member who provides information leading to us leasing a venue will be eligible to free membership for as long as we lease that venue.