Pin/lapel badges

Below are four pin/lapel badges held in our archives, that the Association must have had manufactured at some time. I don’t remember them from my early days with the Association (1969 onwards) and neither does John Mitchell, whose involvement with the Association committee dates back to a similar period. However, I have a photograph of the Association registrar in May 1970, Dave Rennardson, stocking Stamps Pond with some large bream, and he appears to have an Association badge on his lapel.

The other two badges, also in our archives, are very rare and important to the Association. They are both a winner’s team medal for the only two times the Association won the NFA National Championships. The first was in 1938, at Harrold on the Great Ouse, in Bedfordshire, and on the other occasion at Langrick on the River Witham in 1946.

HDAA Badges