Fishery Rules

  1. YOU MUST FULLY CLOSE ALL GATES. Anyone failing to do this will face a lifetime ban.
  2. NO FISH TO BE KILLED – all fish (including pike) must be returned. Removing or deliberately killing fish is a criminal offence under the Theft Act. The Association report all such offences to the Police and if necessary to guarantee such cases are brought before the Court will instigate a private prosecution.
  3. NO LITTER of any description, including discarded tackle, is to be left. Any angler caught deliberately leaving litter will face a life-time ban.
  4. Do not reveal the gate code to any non-members.
  5. No fish to be transferred to, or from, other waters. It is an offence under the Salmon & Freshwater Fisheries Act to introduce fish without the necessary permission.
  6. No angler may fish with more than 3 rods at any one time on any Association fishery. Fishing is only allowed from designated swims. Tackle/hookbaits must not be left in the water unattended.
  7. No keep nets are to be used on any of the Association’s still-water fisheries other than in official matches.
  8. No guns of any description to be brought onto Association fisheries. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. All dog faeces (dog poo) must be cleaned up immediately. Dogs must not be allowed to disturb other members.
  9. No angling is permitted on any Association fishery between the hours of 10pm and 5am (Carlton on Trent is 10pm to 7am), except where the member is in possession of a night fishing permit. Members (other than Association bailiffs) who do not possess a night fishing permit and are found on any Association fishery during the hours stated (whether they are actually fishing or not) shall be liable to have their membership permit revoked, and shall face possible prosecution for trespass.
  10. No fires, swimming or boating. Behave responsibly and respect other anglers using the fisheries. Do not damage any trees or bushes, and do not interfere with the wildlife. The Association takes its responsibility for protecting the environment very seriously and members are expected to conduct themselves with this in mind.
  11. Park in a manner that does not cause problems to other anglers, landowners, farmers or members of the public. The Officers reserve the right to sanction the towing away, or clamping, of vehicles parked in an irresponsible manner. The Officers disclaim any liability for damage caused by such action and membership signifies acceptance of these conditions.
  12. Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  13. Any person found to be negotiating for waters held by the Association shall forfeit the right of membership for life.
  14. Fishing for pike is only allowed between 1st October and 31st March. Members fishing for carp or pike must be in possession of a landing net with arms not less than 36 inches (90cm) in length and a well-padded unhooking mat measuring not less than 36” x 24” (90cm x 60cm). No gaffs or pike gags are allowed.
    Carp or Pike should only be weighed using a commercially available sling designed for the purpose and of appropriate size and strength. The use of keepsacks (carp sacks) and/or retaining tubes is not allowed on any Association fishery.
    The minimum breaking strength of line when carp fishing shall be 12lb (5.4kg).
    When pike fishing wire traces must always be used, they must be a minimum of 18 inches in length and not less than 30lb (13.6kg) B.S. and the main line must not be less than 15lb (6.8kg) B.S. If treble hooks are used with livebaits or deadbaits, they must of the semi-barbed type (one barb per treble) and not larger than size 6.
    Livebaits (maximum size 6 inches) must only be used on the venue they have been caught from and on the day of capture.
  15. To prevent deep-hooking members are expected to strike runs from pike immediately.
    Any member found leaving pike to run on the take, will be reported to the Delegates Committee and shall be liable to have their membership permit revoked.
  16. Fishing for any species with spinners, dropshot or lures is only allowed between the 1st October and 31th March.
  17. Bait Boats: Remote-controlled bait boats must not be used in a manner which interferes with, or affects other anglers.
    Members shall not use boats to take hook baits into positions from which the chance of retrieving a hooked fish is limited, or where doing so puts the fish at risk of damage – i.e. putting baits into/or very close to snags, reed beds, submerged tree branches, etc.
    Members shall not manoeuvre a bait boat with the purposes of dropping baited hooks or free offerings at a greater range than they can cast. Any member suspected of dropping baited hooks or free offerings close to dangerous snags or at excessive range, will be reported to the Delegates Committee and shall be liable to have their membership permit revoked.
  18. All anglers fishing Grebe Pond must be in possession of a landing net with a minimum size of 36 inches (as per rule 12). They must also possess an unhooking mat.
  19. Alcohol consumption on Association property that results in unacceptable behaviour or lack of capability by any member will not be tolerated. Examples of bad behaviour would be causing annoyance to other anglers, being intoxicated to an extent that puts the member themself, other members, the fish, wildlife or Association property in harm’s way, or conduct that could be construed as bringing the Association into disrepute. Such behaviour could lead to the offender having their membership revoked and being banned.