Presentation EVENTS

Members with their trophies

This first one dates from November 1964 and shows members with their trophies, at the Association annual presentation night, at the White Lion Hotel. Whatever happened to these trophies is unfortunately unknown. I seem to remember that at one point in the late 1960s I saw them in a ‘lock-up’ the Association had at Leven Canal. I don’t know who those receiving their trophies are, but if anyone recognises someone in the photos please let me know. The information and this image came from The Hull Daily Mail – however some of the cups look remarkably like those that were once part of the River Hull Angling Club’s collection, see image below.

Association annual cup winners

I think this one above dates from a little earlier, perhaps the 1950s. It shows the Association annual cup winners again at the White Lion Hotel, but apart from the cups there are also various prizes on the table which were usual for that period.

Impressive mounted shield in the middle

And another one – again the actual year unknown. That’s an impressive mounted shield in the middle, and I wonder whatever happed to that. I suspect it is a team award because the image below shows a Hull angling club with what looks like the same mounted shield – the photo I guess being taken as a memento of winning, possibly outside a factory where the men worked.

Hull angling club

Below is the River Hull angling club with their cups, from what is a much earlier period – thought to be 1919 or thereabouts. Certainly some of the cups look very familiar to those in the 1964 photograph. Perhaps the River Hull Angling Club or their members had won them in Association matches. The boy on the right is Harold Hay, the chap third from right, bottom row, holding the fishing rod, is William Edward Hay, and his brother ‘Billy’ Hay is sat behind him on the left next to the table. William Edward Hay was the secretary of the Hull Angling Preservation Society from 1925 to 1949 and was the president of the Hull & District Anglers’ Association from 1952 to 1959. The Preservation Society and Hull & DAA merged in the early 1970s.

River Hull Angling Club