Hull & District Anglers’ Association

The main objective of HDAA is simply to provide a wide range of good value-for-money angling experiences.



DO NOT leave any gates open or partly open or you will be banned. 

DO NOT leave any litter or you will be banned.

Update April 2024: A member was banned for leaving a gate open at Motorway Pond.



As previously reported, from the 1st January 2024, outside of official coaching events, only adult and senior members will be allowed to fish Willows Pond. In addition, ALL Adult and Senior H&DAA members and Willows Angling Section members wishing to fish Willows must purchase a dedicated key for the venue. Keys will be available ONLY from H&DAA Secretary Stephen Tunley on 07533 168254 or from Dave Hollingworth Willows Social Club Chairman on 07930 074371. TELEPHONE FIRST. DO not just turn up at willows club as dave is not always there. The cost of a key is £15. KEYS ARE NOT AVAILaBLE via post or WHEN YOU RENEW OR purchase A NEW PERMIT. Take your H&DAA permit or willows permit with you as proof when buying a key.
Bailiffs will be checking that those fishing Willows hAve both a membership CARD and aN OFFICIAL key. Anyone found fishing without either will be asked to leave and jeopardise their future access to the pond.



All night permits for 2024/25 have now been allocated.
The waiting lists have been updated.


Hull & District Anglers’ Association

Established in 1892 the Association is constituted in a way that ensures that it is run ‘by the members, for the members’. The day-to-day business is conducted by Officers appointed each year at the Annual General Meeting. To assist them in their decision making, they meet monthly with Delegates who are also elected at the AGM to represent a cross-section of the general membership. These monthly Delegates’ meetings are open to all members who may contribute to the discussions but may not vote on any proposals.

Members wishing to stand for any Officer or Delegate position must submit their nomination, countersigned by two other members, to the Secretary by the September Delegates’ meeting. The Annual General Meeting held each October is open to all members, who will be asked to show their membership card when voting. As an unincorporated organisation, all the assets of HDAA have to be held in the name of Trustees.

If you are interested in finding out what the Hull & D.A.A. is about; or if you would like to consider becoming a Delegate or an Officer and using some of your spare time to help improve the Association; or if you have any other questions that you may want answering, then please feel free to contact one of the Delegates or attend a Delegates’ meeting. Delegates meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each calendar Month at the Willows Social Club, 695A Holderness Road, Hull. HU8 9AN.

Tilery Lake Tench

Our Waters

HDAA’s policy of providing a good value-for-money angling experience for all its members means that we have a wide range of different venues in our portfolio of fisheries. Click here For details of each venue, including any special circumstances which apply.



Membership of HDAA is open to anyone who agrees to abide by our common-sense Fishery Rules. All membership permits run from 1st Jan to 31st December annually. Membership allows angling on most of the Association’s venues from 5.00am to 10.00pm (except Carlton on Trent where the start time is 7.00am).


Night fishing at Brandesburton 2 Pond

Members discount scheme – up to 15% off purchases

We have teamed up with shops, companies, suppliers, etc. to offer discounts to our members on production of a valid membership card.

Important Notice

At a delegates’ meeting in 2022 this rule was passed regarding the consumption of alcohol on Association property.

“Alcohol consumption on Association property that results in unacceptable behaviour or lack of capability by any member will not be tolerated. Examples of bad behaviour would be causing annoyance to other anglers, being intoxicated to an extent that puts the member themself, other members, the fish, wildlife or Association property in harm’s way, or conduct that could be construed as bringing the Association into disrepute. Such behaviour could lead to the offender having their membership revoked and being banned”

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Brandesburton No. 3 & 4 Pond