Brickyard Pond

Brickyard Pond is a very old and mature clay pit of about 8 acres, surrounded by trees. Consequently there is a thick bed of silt over much of the bottom.

The pond is split down the middle by a band of reeds, although fish can migrate between the two areas. Depths fall off quickly from the margins and are generally between 10ft and 15ft. There are two sunken roads, about 10ft wide, created during the excavation of the clay, which have little or no silt on them. They are around 7ft below the surface. There are also some clay features and bars in the second pond. In recent years several work parties have resulted in vast improvements to the fishing stances and paths. Ongoing maintenance aims to ensure that this fishery will continue to develop. The Walker family bailiff the fishery and carry out regular maintenance and improvements.

Present stocks of fish certainly comprise some large bream (fish to over 13lb caught in 2016) – and in the past pike to over 20lb, roach and rudd over 1¾lb, and a few years ago two different common carp in excess of 33lb were present. Mirror carp over 40lb have also been caught quite a few years ago but it is thought many of these carp perished. Over the winters of 2010 and 2011 an additional 35 young, fast-growing carp averaging 8lb were introduced bringing the carp stock at the time estimated to be around 40 fish. Also, in late 2014, the venue benefited from the introduction of a further 22 carp weighing between 6-8lb. However, this pond is not protected by an otter fence and otters are known to be regular visitors, and they are believed to have killed many of the carp. Certainly a handful of carp were known to be present in 2023. The existing bream stock is estimated to be about 30-40 large fish, with fish over 10lb usually caught in April and May by those who target them. The otters tend not to affect the large bream for some reason – perhaps they do not like all the slime! The fishery long ago once held a few large tench, but these do not appear to be caught nowadays and it is presumed most have died. However, an electro-fishing survey along the reedy margins in 2013 revealed the presence of numerous tiny tench. An additional 30 bream averaging 6lb were stocked in 2022.

Access is via Broomfleet village, past Blue Lagoon and along the road adjacent to the Canal. Cross over the bridge and turn immediately left where you will see a locked gate with our notice. Do not drive past this point towards the brick factory under any circumstances or use this private road as access to Tilery Lake. It is essential members ensure our access gate is locked after entering and leaving. After entry through the gate, drive to the end of the track to the parking area (with the Canal on the left and a pond with dead trees in it on your right. This is Danny Nalton’s syndicate lake and do not trespass on the fishery unless you have permission. Make sure you lock the gate when you enter and leave the fishery. Undesirables have been known to visit the car park area when the gate has been left unlocked.


Permits Required

Standard Members 5am – 10pm

Night Members 10pm- 5am


Stock / Size

Bream, Carp, Roach, Perch, Pike, Rudd, Eels / 6 Acres



Take directions to Broomfleet and then the Association’s Blue Lagoon fishery, but carry on past the bungalows, along the Canal bank road. At the bridge, cross the Canal and there is a gate on the left just past the Canal flood bank. Follow the track through the trees to the car park. Brickyard Pond is just past the car parking area. Do not fish the private pond with the dead trees.

Postcode: HU15 1RT
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Solid parking is available in the designated carp park. It is but a short walk to the nearest pegs. A good path allows access to the other parts of the fishery.

Please note that the access gate at the entrance must be kept locked at all times. A combination number will be supplied with your annual membership. 

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