Membership – join online

Please note that the membership price for new adult and senior members includes an initial joining fee of £10; this is in addition to the membership fee. This fee is only applied in the first year of membership, unless you let your membership lapse.

NB Junior Membership is for those under the age of 18 and Veteran Membership is for those aged 65 and over, based on the applicant’s age on 1st January.

Please allow up to 21 days for us to process your application. You can however fish as soon as you have completed payment. You should receive a confirmation email that will contain some of your details. You can either print this out or have it available on your phone when a bailiff requests to see your membership. This is valid for 30 days. If you cannot produce proof of membership you will be required to leave the fishery. Please note that emails do get lost in transit and tests we have carried out show this can be up to 1% of all emails. Your application and notification rely on emails being sent so if you have not received your membership card after 21 days or you did not receive a notification email when you applied please get in touch.

NB Remember that all our Officers are volunteers and not paid members of staff. Please use the contact methods given on this website and avoid telephoning during working hours as this is causing problems with some employers.