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Covid-19 Notice

Angling Recommences on Association Waters with Important Conditions

In light of the government’s decision to allow angling from Wednesday 13th May, the Association have decided that its fisheries (not rivers) will open from 5am on Wednesday – with the following government rules and Association conditions. It is imperative that you follow these rules if you want to see angling continue long term. If there is an increase in coronavirus incidents the government have stated they will revert back to the total lockdown situation. Be aware that whilst the Brough complex will be open from 5am Wednesday, it will close on the following Friday at 6am (15th May) and will open again at 5am on Monday 18th May. This is because the Association already had work on the Brough site scheduled for that weekend.

  1. You should only travel to venues on your own or with members of your family. You must not share your vehicles with friends.
  2. You must at all times abide by the government’s social distancing guidelines (2 metres) and must not fish any closer than 15 metres from another angler on Association fisheries. Be sensible about walking around other anglers and keep your distance.
  3. Take hand sanitizer with you – this is now a rule to be able to use Association fisheries. Use it before opening/closing gates (our bailiffs may check that you have some in your possession). Use sanitizer if you handle any item on the fishery that may possibly be used by other anglers. Always use the sanitizer before and after using the Association toilets.
  4. Do not share items of tackle (for example landing nets) with other anglers and do not use the cabin at the west end of Hawk Pond. Keepnets are not allowed.